Bubble Shooter Butterfly

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Bubble Shooter Butterfly is your next favorite bubble shooter game! It is a classic arcade game with a fresh look and new twists. With its bright butterflies and breezy gameplay this online butterfly game is perfect for Spring and Summer.

The game includes 300 diverse levels, divided over beautifully serene day and night backgrounds. Release all the butterflies and achieve the highest scores!

Combine three or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop, and free the butterflies in every level. Play by moving the mouse to where you would like to aim the bubbles, and click to shoot the bubbles. On mobile, you can drag to aim and release to shoot.

For every shot, there are two colors available. You can click the shooter to switch the bubbles and use the other color. The more bubbles you have left after you’ve cleared the playing field, the higher your extra points will be.


Bubble Shooter