Ice fishing 3d

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❄ Fishing is a great kind of recreation and an opportunity to spend time with excitement! If you are a real fisherman at heart and are ready to test your skills, then this ice fishing game is just for you.

? Wherever you are in winter or summer - you can always find yourself on snow-covered ice among beautiful winter landscapes. Drill, rod, bait and a lake that always bites, what else does a born fisherman need?

In the game, you need to catch fish on the ice. To catch a fish, you need to perform the following actions:
- Put bait on the hook;
- Lower the hook into the water to the required depth by unwinding the reel with the fishing line on the rod;
- Choose the appropriate depth for the hook with bait, as different fish species live at different depths;
- Tease the fish by raising and lowering the rod and catch the fish;